Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Easy Granola Bars

Last night, for the second time, I made this recipe: Easy Granola Bars.  I love allrecipes.com.  There are so many yummy things and I love that people review the recipes and give suggestions too!  Anyway, back to Easy Granola Bars.  They are super quick and easy to make and my kids love them!  The first time I made them, I cut down on the oats a bit and added quinoa and flax seed.  This time, I had no quinoa, so I just added flax.  They are such an easy snack to make and you can customize them however you want!  Give them a try!

Monday, March 28, 2011


Check out the size of this egg!  Yes, the egg on our left is a regular large egg and the one on the right, well, let's just say that I pity the chicken that laid it! 

We get our eggs from my MIL's neighbour - who is so wonderful and sweet and yesterday, this is what Lindsey came home with!  Jaren was dying to eat it for breakfast  - so he did!

Sunday, March 27, 2011


At our house, we have always been filled with April Foolery.  The boys have come to love (and expect) their mom to play tricks on them! Then, seven years ago, this April, we were blessed with our own April Fools Surprise!  TYLER!  Now, it is an extra special day!  Last year, at his party, I surprised Tyler with a pizza cake - complete with pizza box and everything!  He loved it!  Especially since we had pizza for the party too!  It was funny when we asked the kids if they wanted more pizza, but it was really cake!
This year, Tyler wanted some more cake trickery!  After a long search, I think we have come up with the idea.  A couple of years ago (or maybe it was just last year - I have a bad memory), I made a hamburger cake for Jaren.  It was a large burger - about the size of an 8x8 pan.  So, from this, Tyler (with help from Carter) decided that it would be fun to make multiple, smaller, burger cakes.  Great idea.  This was one of the easiest cakes I have made, so hopefully, the smaller, regular sized burger cakes will be the same!  As for tricks on the boys, well, I haven't nailed those down yet.  It seems like I have played a whole lot of food pranks and I might be doing something a little different this year.  We shall see.  I will share it on the blog after this festive day is over!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

The tooth fairy visited our house this week...

Tyler lost his first tooth this week.  Jaren pulled it out for him.  He is the only one of our boys to lose a tooth before their 7th birthday. He was pretty excited, although, he said that almost every one in his class lost their first tooth in kindergarten! 

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

A boy and his dog...

For years our boys wanted a dog that you could lay on, snuggle with and generally crawl all over.  Well, Kaiser, our mini schnauzer, has NEVER fit that bill.  He seems to be more of an "adult" oriented dog.  He likes to snuggle with me, but certainly is not big enough, or fond of, being laid on by the boys.  Enter Wrigley.  Wrigley is such an easy going, lay on me, snuggle with me, play with me, feed me anything and I will love you - kind of dog.  I don't think a day goes by that Wrigley does not have someone using him as their personal pillow.  We sure love our Wrigley!

Monday, March 21, 2011

St Patrick's Day

Okay, so I didn't go with the plan.  Instead, I stuck a pot of (jello) gold at the end of my fruit rainbow!  The boys thought that it was so yummy and devoured the whipped cream clouds!  We had pesto pasta with broccoli and spinach and limeade to drink.  Of course, somebody left gold coins all over the table and some gold treats even made it into everyone's lunch kits! 

The boys had a contest at their school to see who could dress their teacher in the most green.  Tyler wanted to try out the wig that one of the boys was bringing for their teacher to wear.  Then Jaren decided it would be better suited on his head!  Oh well, as long as someone used it - I guess!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Carter at the Rotary Music Festival

Check out my little dude at the Music Festival this year.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

St Patty's Day Celebration

Doesn't this look like fun?  I found it at familyfun.com, where I always find tons of great family crafts, food, and decorating ideas.  I am going to make it for dessert on Thursday for St. Patrick's Day.  I think that I have the meal planned too.  Here is what I think we are going to have:  pesto pasta, steamed broccoli, cucumbers, and limeade.  What are your ideas? 

Oh, here is what we had for dessert one year.  Carter thought they were so fabulous to make!
I also found some jokes online that I am going to put at everyone's spot at the table, and maybe, just maybe a leprechaun may drop some gold (chocolate) coins around the table!

Monday, March 14, 2011

Things that make you go hmmm...

So, in response to my belly giving me grief for the last several months (and Melanie's challenge), I decided to lay off chocolates, sweets, and lots of processed type foods.  It has been two weeks, and I feel pretty good - my tummy has been behaving quite well, except now I have a rash. 

Two weeks without chocolate = two weeks with a rash.  Do you think my body is telling me something?  Maybe this is my body's way of telling me that I am missing something?  Ha!  Maybe I should forgo this "healthier" eating and just eat chocolate?  What do you think?

Friday, March 11, 2011


I am so frustrated with my blogging life.  I have tried to upload pictures and tried and tried and tried.  I have a really cute picture of Tyler and Wrigely - when I try to upload it - it says rejected by server.  So, I try to blog about something else and upload another picture - then it tells me that this function isn't available! Ahh!  I am so easily frustrated with technology!  I have been trying to send e-mails at work with attachments and that isn't working for me either!  The files end up being corrupted!  Maybe it is my computer!!! Here's hoping that I can take a deep breath and keep calm and carry on!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

ornage, orange, ORANGE

Lately, our home has been filled with practice, practice, practice.  Jaren has been working towards obtaining his orange belt in karate, and Carter has been practicing for the music festival this week.  As you can see below, The hours of practice paid off!  Jaren was super excited to get this new belt (honestly, I think I was just as excited). 

For months now, Jaren has been asking for sparring weapons and I told him, that he could probably get some when he got his orange belt.  So, one night at karate, mom "sneakily" purchased these "weapons" or fighting sticks.  They were hidden in my closet for a LONG time and I could hardly stand it.  I wanted him to earn his orange belt AND I wanted him to have his sticks!  Then, one day after karate he told me that he couldn't wait to pick out his own weapons.  Not only was he excited to choose specific fighting sticks, but he also wanted to see the room where all these fabulous weapons were kept.  OOOPS!  Now what?  Do I take them back and let him pick out his own?  Well, I decided to keep them and then, if he wanted to, let him trade them in.  So, last Monday, Sensei G told Jaren he needed to be ready to test on Wednesday.  And, ready he was!  He rocked his katas and now, here is our not so little ORANGE belt!