Thursday, August 30, 2012

White Rock - Part 1

My favorite day of the trip!! We journeyed about 45 minutes to White Rock - aka tourist town.

 We started off at a nice little beach (I can't remember the name), where the kids played in the sand and water, found shells and buried one another.
 We had a picnic lunch and some of the braver people dove off the pier into the freezing cold ocean. But, I am getting ahead of myself. First - I was able to meet up with a dear "old" friend who I have known since I was Tyler's age! It was so great to see her (before she jetted off to France - lucky gal). She brought her sweet little daughter with her and although we couldn't visit long - I was so glad that she took the time to come and see us!!!

 Kayden (above) and then Kayden and his pretty darn chicken Mom jumping off the pier!  It was so cold!!!
             The professionals - Rob and Lindsey diving and flipping.  These pictures are f                                     separate times the guys jumped/dove.

                                             All the cuties lined up and sitting on Kayden!

                                                         Ah...Kayden, the Merman!!

Water slides, beaches and more!

On day two of our trip, we spent a quiet day (it was Sunday) with the T's.  Who am I kidding - there were seven kids in the house - it wasn't quiet!!  The next day, the weather wasn't all that great, so we packed up the kids and drove down to the states.  I think it took us 10 minutes to get there!  Seriously!  We made our way south for another half hour and did some shopping - some of my boys inherited their mother's love for shopping, not mentioning any names.

Day three was movie/lake day.  We took the kids to see "Brave" and then went to the beach.  We planned on doing some cliff jumping, but the water was way down and that beach was closed, so we headed to another lake where the kids played in the sand/water while the adults chilled.

Day four - Cultus Lake Water Park.  I think this was the boys' favorite day of the trip.  We got to the park at about 10 or 10:30 am and stayed ALL day.  I think we left at about 6 or so.  The little boys (and Natalia) loved the "Colossal Canyon."  Okay, it was my favorite too.  You could have a maximum of 5 riders in the raft (or four adults) and when you rode with Lindsey, you were sure to have a blast!  He always made the raft shoot up the sides of the slide and it was super fun!!  Unfortunately, we didn't get any pictures of this day - too busy having fun!!!

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

The Vancouver Temple and Stanley Park

 Our first full day with the T's brought us to the Vancouver Temple.  It is on a quiet, unassuming street, but as soon as you pull up, you know that you are at a very special place.  Above is the crew, minus the photographer!!
Then, it was on to Stanley Park.  It was very beautiful walking around the park - it may however, have been too long a walk for some of the little people that we were with.
One of Tyler's favorite things to do - play in the sand (or dirt, if it is the only thing available).

                                            Jaren giving his little buddy a piggy back ride. 
                                        Four cool cats catching a breeze and taking a break!       


In the middle of our journey around the park, the boys were inadvertently included in a very large water fight.  While I wasn't too thrilled about them getting all wet, they had a blast!!!  After Stanley Park, we headed to a take out Italian place and had a little picnic.  It was a great day!

Thursday, August 16, 2012

First Leg of our Summer Vacation

Back in the "old days" when I used to sell Creative Memories (scrapbooking supplies), I used to tell people to start their albums with their recent photos and then work on the back log.  That is what I am going to do here.  So, on to our summer vacation!!

First stop:  Sky Trek Adventure Park in Revelstoke, BC
This shot is so you can see how high up the boys were - just the older boys were allowed to do this.  The younger two had a course just for them!!

 This is Linds patiently waiting for his turn and Kayden (below) traversing the double black (hardest part of the) course.

 Jaren looking so comfortable ;)   On the skateboard!!

 Jaren making his way through and Daddio just hanging out!! 
 Tyler made this little kid course look like a piece of cake! 

 Carter just rocked this course!

The boys had a great time at the aerial playground.  The big boys took a lot longer on their course, so Tyler and Carter go to play on a cool adventure play ground which had a zip line and everything.  Once they tired of that, we headed to the Enchanted Forest, which conveniently, is right next to the Park. 
 Carter was a bad boy!!

 Ty having a nap in Old Mother Hubbards' house. 

The Enchanted Forest was great for the younger boys.  I love the above pic of Tyler challenging the pirate (too bad the pic wasn't better).  Now, off to Abbotsford!!