Thursday, May 10, 2012

Tyler's Birthday Party

It's great to be EIGHT!!!
This year (and last year too) Tyler chose to have his party at our local games place.  The kids had a great time, playing games, winning tickets, and choosing prizes at the end. 

As you can see here, Tyler and some friends are making a toast to the birthday boy!

YAY!  Lego and so many other fun gifts!! Thanks everyone!

Here Tyler and Carter are battling it out at the air hockey table.  Those two went hard at it, and were pretty darn good too!

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Sparklers on cake? Nah...

After Tyler's birthday cake extravaganza, we (and I mean Dad, cause he is way more fun) decided to take the sparklers outside and use them as wands or whatever light up glowy things you can use them for.  I think the pictures turned out really cool.  I had my camera on the tripod for the sparkler pics, but the one with the glow ball wasn't.  Isn't it cool that Ty has a ghosty shadow to our left?  You've got to love his costume too - a little ninja/vampire/cowboy?

April FOOLS!

Every year the Halladay house is full of tricks and jokes on April 1.  Not only is it April FOOLS, but, it is also birthday to our one and only crazy man, Ty.

This year, Tyler got his toe nails painted during the night.  Carter woke up to a sweet fake mustache.  Kayden had chocolate smeared on his bathroom toilet - it was too funny, cause Tyler did it and it looked like a mammoth sat on his toilet.  Jaren had the best prank played on him.  His momma fashioned some dog poop out of yummy brownies and put it on his bed.  Lindsey called him in to his room and told him the bad news - the dog had pooped on his bed (it looked SO REAL).  Jaren was grossed out, but in his true character, tried to shove Carter in to the "poop."  Good thing Carter knew it was fake, otherwise I think we would have had a battle on our hands.  And yes, the boys ended up eating it after all was said and done.  YUCK.

Marker on faces came from Kayden falling asleep during General Conference and truly, I think Jaren just wanted one!