Monday, September 15, 2008

Tyler's Cooking Creations

Okay, so having a four year old means that we have all sorts of interesting things happen around our house. One of those "things" is Tyler and his wonderfully wacky food creations. On this particular day, he decided he wanted to make his own "bunwich." On this bun he put, M&M's, cheese string, carrots and a yougurt tube. YUM! And then it was time for eating...

Oh and by the way, he has many more weird and wacky favorites. I don't care if he does it - as long as he eats it! EW!!

First Day of School - September 2, 2008

First day of school already! Well, the boys pretended to not be excited, but I could tell they were. Kayden even wanted to leave at 8 am (school doesn't start till 8:35). They were all so excited to be able to wear their new hoodies and I was thankful for the cool weather that allowed them to do so! It turned out to be a great day for my three big boys - they all got teachers that they were happy with - which is a huge bonus!

As for Tyler, it was his first day of preschool - ever! I did a homeschool type preschool with the a bunch of moms when the other boys were little, but you know how it is - the youngest gets the best - ha ha! Anyway, Tyler loves his preschool. The teachers are fabulous and the school has so many fun things to do - I'm even tempted to hang out there! Now, I have two mornings a week to myself! Yikes! It is so hard to believe! My baby is 4! Next year he will be gone the whole day!! AHH!

Monday, September 1, 2008

Jaren's Baptism

It's great to be EIGHT! Jaren was very excited about his special day. Lots of family and friends were there to make the day more special. Uncle Naif and Grandpa talked at the baptism and Dad had the privilege of baptizing and confirming him a member of the church. It was very special and we are so proud of Jaren for making this decision! After the baptism, we were able to enjoy some of Jaren's favorite foods - burgers and ice cream sundaes! YUM!

It is times like this that make me think about how we are so blessed to have such wonderful family and friends to support us! Thank you to all of you for all you do for us!

Writing on Stone Provincial Park

Well, this birthday girl decided it would be fun to take the Halladays and go camping for a few days in Writing on Stone. Nate, Steph and Wes were up from Utah and Grama and Grampa had time off, so we hopped in our trailer and took a roller coaster ride there. I haven't been there in years (like at least 10), so I didn't remember how hilly it is and wow, was I glad that Grampa was driving (with the trailer) and NOT me!

We got there late in the evening, found a spot and the fun began! After we ate, the boys laid out on the trailer mat and looked up at the stars! It was the cutest thing to see the little boys gazing up at the sky. The pictures that I took do not do it justice.
For the next two days, it was all about the climbing. We went to the Interpretive Centre one day, but those little dudes could not get enough of the hoodoos. Am I raising a bunch of boys or what? I love how cloudy it was - for more reason than one! It made it cool for climbing and made the pictures "cool" as well. In this next pic Carter, Jaren, Nate and Wes are posing for me!

I love this shape of the hoodoo or whatever you want to call it. What an amazing place!

Three amigos and Kayden hamming it up! Ahhh... I'm going to fall. That kid has NO fear - seriously. He climbed everything and anything.

Awww....I scraped my hand while I was climbing - can't you tell by my face?

Carter and Tyler pretending to be dinosaurs on top of "pride rock."
Kayden and his brave mom climbed into this cool cave. Climbing up - pretty easy - getting down, well that was a bit trickier!