Friday, February 18, 2011

My Valentine Surprise

Early last week, Lindsey told me not to plan anything for Saturday night.  All week, the boys kept asking me if I had guessed what was happening Saturday night.  Nope, I didn't guess.  I was being a good girl.

So, Saturday night rolled around and they told me to get ready and out we went.  The boys wanted me to be blindfolded, but Lindsey said I didn't have to be!  And, this is what I got:


and a very FUN and YUMMY meal at Montana's.  The boys were SO good and so very fun.  Some of them even made me homemade cards!  It is nice to be spoiled by my boys once and a while!  Love you boys (especially you, #1 man)!

jayhawks b-ball

This is Kayden's first year playing on a school basketball team.  He had a ton of fun and learned a lot as a player.  Here, you can see our lefty (#15) dribbling the ball around the Notre Dame defender.

These pictures were taken during the team's final play off game.  Mom was a very good cheer leader, but not a very good picture taker this year (oops).  Well, at least I got some pictures!

And, this is the team.  Some look happy.  Some look too tough to be happy!  :)  Great work this year boys!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Valentine's Day

Most of you regular readers know that I love to do fun things for the holidays.  Although I am a minimalist in a lot of ways, I like to celebrate each holiday is a small way.  So, for Valentine's Day, this is what we did.  We started out with a little valentine table flair - treats on the plate and fancy cups for our berry smoothies.

Next, there was heart shaped pizza.  YUM!

And finally, heart shaped browines - with ice cream and chocolate sauce, of course!

I love to do fun things for the Holidays and I think my five (not so little) boys love it too!

Kub Kar Ralley 2011

This is our 6th year of doing the kub kar ralley.  At first, it was with Kayden, and now - Jaren and Carter.  This is actually Jaren's last year doing it (unless they decide to do it as Blazer Scouts), and we (aka Grampa, Jaren and Mom) had a blast making his car.  Grampa is such a good sport!  He doesn't even complain about the crazy designs that the boys sometimes come up with!

 In the above picture, Carter's super fast "pencil" car is racing one of the other kub kars.  Dad was the designated helper with Carter's car.  I think he got off a little easier than Grampa, don't you?  Mom helped Carter with the taping, so that he could spray paint his car.  He was very pleased with how it turned out.  He was so cute about it too.  You know how pencils usually say HB 2?  Well, his had CH 9 (since he is nine).
 Here is big bro, Kayden, helping out with the brand new track.  Jaren's car is in this race!  Go J man!
 And the winner is....Yay! Carter!  Carter thought that the pencil car wasn't going to win a single race.  Hmmm...guess he was wrong about that one!  He was so excited to have two trophies.  The big one to have for a year, and the little one to keep!  Thanks Akela (Megan) for a great time!
Jaren and Jax show off their fancy cars and trophies.  Jaren took 2nd and Jax got 3rd.  Great job boys!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011


I am the proud AUNTIE to little Mr Henry Milo Turner Pollock. Yay Jodi and David!  We can't wait to meet little Mr Jodi!  He looks like a real cutie!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

A walk in the park

Well, actually it is a walk in the zoo, but that doesn't have the same ring to it!  I LOVE this picture of my sis and Tyler.  It was taken when we went to visit auntie Jodi and Uncle David a few years ago.  I am not sure why I love this pic so much - maybe it is that even in this still photo, you can really see them interacting.  Maybe it is just because they are both so darn cute! 

I am thinking of my sis a lot lately as she is supposed to have a little one any day now.  It is a fun, emotional, exciting, hectic, and tiring time - but I want her to know that she will not want to trade it for anything in the world!  I LOVE YOU SIS!  You and Mr Jodi are going to be awesome parents!