Thursday, August 28, 2008

Jaren's 8th Birthday Party

For Jaren's party this year, he decided he wanted to go swimming at the Leisure Centre and he wanted the theme to be Pokemon. Well, let me tell you, I was super excited about that! Usually my boys want a whole theme party with games and everything around their theme, so to me, swimming was a breeze!

But, on the day of the party, we found out that the wave pool at the leisure centre was broken. We could still swim, but the main pool that Jaren wanted to use was off limits. I was a little worried about this when I saw that sad faced little boy - but once all his friends got to the pool, all was well. The boys managed to have a great time in the other pools -sliding, diving and splashing A LOT! I was SO glad that Lindsey wasn't working too. All those little dudes to keep track of myself would have been a lot to handle.

So, after the swimming we had cake and presents and I think Jaren and all his friends had a great time!
In this pic, Jaren and Felipe - Jaren's favorite, and most willing, friend to play Pokemon with. Ahh...Yummy ice cream cake. Thanks to DQ I didn't even have to slave over a cake this year!
All the party boys in their Pokemon shirts. Gotta catch em all!
YAY! Lego Indiana Jones for the Wii. Jaren has a blast playing Star Wars lego and was really excited when he got this game from Mom and Dad.

Squeaker the bat. Webkins #2 for Jaren (for all you Webkins fans)
Ahhh YES! Jaren is into Chaotic cards lately and you can see by his face that this gift was a hit!
I am glad that Jaren had a great party and that he has so many great friends to celebrate with!

Friday, August 8, 2008

Camping at Elk Water

Well, as you all know, I am new to the blogging world and I am still trying to improve on our blog. Hopefully, this post will be an improvement!

Last weekend we loaded up the troops and headed out to Elk Water for some camping. We met our best buds, the Mays, along with some of their family, and had a fabulous time. It was a weekend full of water, food and fun! Here are some of my favorite pictures.

The boys got their faces painted for Orin's birthday. Kayden is two face (from Batman). Carter and Tyler are Spiderman and Jaren is just a blue face guy. It was a ton of fun for the kids!

Ah...marshmallows! How can you have a camp fire without them? Tyler sure enjoyed his.

Jaren playing cards with his buddy Jaxon and Carter and his friend Orin.

At the beach. The water was really cold, but the castle building and sand play was a ton of fun!

Kayden and one of his finds. He was the one who swam the most. He dove down and brought up all sorts of cool rocks out of the lake. He even convinced his mom to don some goggles and swim with him.
It was a very fun weekend. I look forward to going camping again with my boys!