Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Jaren and his zany antics

Jaren has discovered how much fun it is to make video clips of himself.  Check him out:

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

SAMFA Tier 2 Champions

This year, Kayden's team made it to the Tier 2 Championship Game!!
 They played against Taber Rebels at the U of L stadium (Kayden is #4).

It was a super exciting, action packed game with lots of good plays, but also some not so good ones.  One of their senior players got injured and had to be taken off the field in an ambulance. 
At the far right of the above pic, you can see Kayden low to the ground, tackling a Taber player.  The game was quite close for a while - (20-28) and there was a very good chance that Taber would score.  But, the Hawks were able to hold them off and secure the win!
What a view from this awesome field!
Again, Kayden is in the middle of the tackling!  Go Halladay!
This is a pic of the team celebrating with their trophy!  Now, for the semi finals this weekend!

Monday, November 7, 2011

Halloween Night - Trick or Treat!

Before we get the show on the road, we had to have a healthy supper to get us going!  Don't you love these cute plates I bought at Wal-|Mart! 

Here is our whole trick our treating crew.  I didn't get a good pic of Jaren - he was Lucky the Leprechaun (from the cereal Lucky Charms).

Tyler - the green ANGRY bird

Carter - the Yellow ANGRY bird!

Can you guess what Kayden is?  A chick magnet, of course

We had a ton of fun trick or treating with our friends this year and hope that we can keep up the tradition for a few more years!

Carving Pumpkins

Tyler's favorite part was slashing that dang pumpkin.  I think he ended up decorating all sides of his pumpkin!!!
The day before Halloween was Sunday - the perfect day to carve our pumpkins with Grama and Grampa.

Grampa and Jaren are hard at work.  Everyone except for Grampa and Tyler used a stencil and just look at how AWESOME Grampa's pumpkin turned out! (Grampa has hidden talents)

Grampa's sweet pumpkin
Mom and Carter pose with their creations!

Kayden and his Atlanta Braves themed pumpkin!
We had so much fun carving pumpkins this year!  I think I cleaned out everyone's pumpkin (except Grampa's) though - oh well!  I still had time to make my own scary pumpkin too - so I must be good at it!

Halloween Party

Linds and I went to a super fun Video Scavenger Hunt Halloween Party at the Parker's this year.  We had a blast with our crazy friends, doing things like painting a complete stranger's face like the joker, howling at the moon in a public place, wrapping a stranger in toilet paper and having a push up contest with a stranger.  There were many more zany things that the groups had to do as well.  Some even ate a live gold fish!  All in all it was a great time with good friends, yummy food and hilarious videos!

YW Halloween

For our YW Activity the week of Halloween, the girls carved pumpkins and then we had mummy faced pizzas (on english muffins) and these disgustingly yummy treats.  I found that labels on pinterest.  The girls thought they were great.  Really, how can you resist toxic bat droppings or magic toads!

Something new at our house

Yep, Jaren now has glasses!  It kind of all happened suddenly.  One day, he said that he couldn't read the numbers at the front of the chapel (for the hymns), then it all came out how he hasn't been able to see the board (or other things) for a long time.  Nice.  Good thing this kids parents are so on top of everything!  So, off to the eye doctor we went.  The verdict:  He is near sighted.  So, glasses are for school, TV, and the like.  He doesn't need them for sports (which he was very happy for)!

Anyway, I think he looks handsome and even smarter than before!