Wednesday, November 17, 2010

After three tryout/practices...

HE MADE THE TEAM!  Hip Hip Hooray!
Nope, I am not the least bit excited!  Hee hee!  Both Linds and I can't wait to watch our newbie jr high (middle school) dude play basketball!

Monday, November 15, 2010

Jaren's Weapon's Sparring

Here is the link to Jaren's Weapon's sparring.  It would let me put it on fb, but not my blog.  He got second place in weapon's sparring.

Karate Do Tournament Point Sparring 2 Fall 2010

This is round one of the point sparring.

Karate Do Tournament 2010 point sparring

This is Jaren at a tournament last weekend. He won first place for point sparring (which is what this is).

Sunday, November 14, 2010

MHTFA Champions

So, I have been negligent in my blogging as of late.  I had better get on it as life keeps on happening whether I am blogging about it or not!  So here goes!  Kayden's Pee-Wee football team won the city championship at the beginning of the month.  The boys were totally pumped about this!  Last year they went undefeated, and lost in the final.  This year, they weren't having any of that. They played hard and ended up being victorious.   They were a bit behind at the beginning of the game, but one of the players started to be super positive and got the rest of the team pumped and well, like I said, they ended the night the way they wanted to!

 It was so FUN to watch Kayden play this year.  He has grown so much as a player - it has been really cool to see this.  I hope that he continues to develop his talents in all the sports that he is interested in.  Tomorrow he finds out if he made the basketball team.  Keep your fingers crossed! :)

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

 A healthy body is something I often take for granted.  This pic is of my littlest one, Tyler.  He was the first to get the stomach flu at our house.  This was taken when he had zonked out on the floor in the hallway!  Next, it was Carter, then me.  Hopefully, the "flu" stops there.  It has got me thinking about how grateful I am to have a healthy body that allows me to do so much for myself and so much for my kids.  One of the boys asked me if I was feeling better yesterday and I said - yes, a lot, but not quite like myself.  He asked me if I EVER felt like myself.  I was pretty sure I knew what he meant.  I get a lot of headaches and my kids have heard me say that MANY many times.  I made sure that my little dude (it was Carter) knew that even though I do seem to have my fair share of head pain, I would take that over what many others have to live with.

So, here's to your health!  Celebrate!  Go drink some water and well, I would say exercise, but it's 11:30pm, which means I should be in bed.  Good night.