Friday, February 12, 2010

Wrigley piggly

Our handsome dude!
Wrigley found a left over bag of microwave popcorn on the floor and decided to try and have a bit. This is exactly how I found him!

Ah, the snuggly side of Wrigley. He is so loving.

Oh Wrigley, you are such a character! We love having Wrigley in our family. He adds so much to our already crazy family (yep, he fits right in). Just look at these pics.

Baking gingersnaps

Love the little hands!

My two little helper dudes were dying to make cookies (Love their aprons. Tyler is wearing the one that I made for Carter when he was about 3 and he always had to help in the kitchen) and their big bro Kayden (who doesn't stop eating these days) was dying to eat them. So, here is the result. A batch of yummy, various sized gingersnaps. Thanks boys! I had so much fun with you!

OuCh Jaren!

A perfect day of sledding with friends, then OOPS, a brother jokes around and the outcome: two stitches to the back of the head. Jaren was really against going to the hospital, but grama advised us to go, so we did. Jaren really did NOT want to get stitches - he was hoping for the glue. The doctor opted for stitches because of the location and funny thing is, Jaren couldn't even feel him doing it! A little freezing goes a LONG way. By the time we were all through, he was feeling pretty happy. Stitches = pop from dad and $5 from grama. Not so bad after all!

CRAZY forts

Here is a crazy fort built by the boys. And, when I say boys - that means that the biggest boy helped too! Carter got crazy forts for Christmas and since then, we have been overrun with all shapes and sizes of various forts. And, every time a new fort is built, we hear the inevitable, "can we sleep in the fort tonight?"

Carter and Orin - Buddies from the start

Carter and Orin have been friends since the beginning. They are two of the cutest little dudes ever and they are so similar in their likes and dislikes. It is so fun to have such a good friend!

Ami and Tyler

Ami and Tyler. They are quite the pair. It seems that they both have very different ideas as to where their relationship will lead. Ami says she is going to marry Jeffery, Tyler disagrees. He thinks Ami is going to marry him! Ah, to be 4/5 again!
This pic looks like Tyler is thinking, "what, you aren't going to marry Jeffery anymore?"
"Yep, that's right, Tyler. I'm your girl now."

AH...happy couple. Who knows? Maybe in 20 years???

Carter's Baptism

The cutie - Carter and his parents!
Carter and his Uncle Naif. We love you Uncle Naif!

Jaren, Jaxon and Wesley - such handsome dudes.

All the Halladay dudes! What a good looking bunch!

I can hardly believe that my little dude is now EIGHT years old. His baptism was a really nice night. We are so blessed to have so many people who love us - family and friends. They made Carter's day so special. We are also very blessed to be members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. I know that it is because of this, we can be an eternal family and I am so grateful for this knowledge!

A little playdoh anyone?

What's with the scrunchy faces boys? Working hard at smooshing and shaping...

He may not look that happy, but he loved playing with play doh!

Tyler and Wes both got playdoh for Christmas. Instead of mixing it all up, they decided to play with Tyler's play doh. Did I mention that Tyler got 24 containers of it? Did I also say something about not mixing it? Who am I kidding? Tyler cannot NOT mix it (yes, I know, double negative). He HAS to smoosh it all together and you know what, who am I to say he can't. If that is fun for him, then why should I stop him? It's his toy and he isn't hurting anything or anyone!

Christmas with the crazy Halladays

Jammy Time Boys! Our tradition is to having new (and matching) Christmas jammies! I love it! It is a little harder to tell who is who though...BTW, we like how Uncle Nate is trying to sneak out - yes out of the picture!
Crazy forts! Yay! Wait till you see some of the "crazy forts" they build!

Cool! Lego for Chrismtas! The staple at our house.

Dress up clothes + imgaination = FUN This looks all too familiar!

Jaren and Uncle David building lego. We were so glad that Uncle David actually enjoys building lego (we might steal him every year so he can be our official builder). Jaren had a lot of fun spending time with Uncle David. I think he remembers every little detail and fact about their conversations!

Okay, so this year all the Halladays were together and even though that can be crazy - the Turner family (my mom, sis and bro-in-law) came to spend it with us. There were lots of boys, lots of food, and I think, lots of fun! We love love love getting together as a family!

Christmas Concerts

Tyler looking handsome and a little concerned while his class was performing, Frosty the Snowman. Carter, singing his heart out - How can there be Christmas without Frosty? Carter and Tyler's concert was the same night and they had a play that was about Frosty the Snowman.

Kayden, sandwiched between his classmates. This is the best pic I got of him. The boy with red hair (beside him) wasn't budging.
Jaren, with his, Christmas around the world theme, got to sport a Japanese hat that they made in art class. He doesn't like singing, but he looks pretty happy here!

Ahhh...Three nights of craziness. Did I say craziness? Oops, I meant, fun and singing and Christmas celebration! Yep, it (was) the time of year for the boys Christmas concerts. We packed our little family into the squishy, yet, brightly decorated gym and settled in for an hour and a half of entertainment. It was fun, as always, and the kids did a fabulous job!

My little C man is Eight!

Okay, so I know I am way behind, and this is my attempt to catch up, so here goes!

Carter turned 8 in December, just 5 days before Christmas. It was a little hectic, as usual, (with Christmas so close), but we managed to pull off a fun, penguin inspired party. For those of you who don't know, Carter loves birds, so a "winter type bird" was perfect for his winter birthday!
One of the games we played was ice fishing game. Whoever found the catfish (the pink one that Carter is holding) got a prize. Lucky birthday boy found it the first time! Of course the other boys had a chance to find the catfish too! They had a blast with this simple game and kept coming back to it when they had a free minute.
Of course, a penguin party would not be complete "balloon penguins" and a yummy penguin ice cream cake.
Carter is such a sweet and happy boy and we are so blessed to have him in our family. His infectious laugh and the many talents he shares with our family bless our lives each day. We love you Carter!