Wednesday, July 28, 2010

My projects as of late

These are a few projects that I have worked on in my "spare" time! This first one was for my sweet SIL Steph for her birthday! I love the little birds and FYI the fabric that I used on this (I also made one in blue) is from the 70's - from some quilt squares that my mom gave me. In fact, I used to have a quilt made out of some of these same fabrics! This alphabet tree was inspired by something similar that I saw in a home here in MH! It was for my little nephew!
This Family quote is one that I found that I really love. I donated this one to our Halladay Family Reunion silent auction. The quote reads, "Family, like branches on a tree, we all grow in different direction, yet our roots remain as one."

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Young Women's Camp

Here is our troop that we took to Camp this year! What a happy bunch that we are! YW Camp this year was great! It was held near Waterton Park and part of our trip involved going to the temple. Well, that is always a good experience! So, despite the rain, and wind, we managed to thow in lots of FUN, some spiritual experiences and new friendships. Here is an example of how muddy it was after our hike on Friday. Do you think she kept those socks?
AH...good friends. That is so sweet! I love YW!

I love working with the YW in our ward. They teach me so much and bring so much joy to my life! Thank you ladies!

Scout Camp

I love love love this pic of Kayden! He was so excited to go on his first Summer Scout Camp. This year they were hiking in Waterton. They were carrying all their gear and hiking to a couple of different spots. Kayden was pretty pumped, as evidenced by the big smile in the photo. So, we packed as light as we could (pack was about 30 lbs) and at 7 am sent him on his way! I will have to admit, this mama was a little worried about her oldest boy. I know that he is capable and all that, but man, that is a lot to carry. I need to remember that Kayden is not so little anymore!!
Anyway, they were originally scheduled to camp for 4 days, then because one of the areas had a lot of snow it was cut to three days. On the second day (later in the eve) we got a call saying that they were on their way home. They had been dumped on (snow AGAIN) on the way up and all their stuff was soaking wet. They had stayed one night, played during the day and packed up and headed home! I think they still had an awesome time - minus the crummy weather! Maybe next year our weather will be a little more like summer!!

Let the Back log begin!

Okay everyone, get ready for a flurry of posts over the next couple of days!

You're so vain...

Yep, that is what I was thinking this morning after I reached for my perfume bottle and knocked a brand new bottle of nail polish out of the medicine cabinet. It smashed on the counter, the wall, the sink, the door, the floor, my flat iron, the CARPET, and me. All because I wanted to smell nice! Ha!
I was so grateful for cleaning products! SOS pads and Mr Clean Magic Eraser did the trick on the sink, counter and lino. The carpet, well, I left the few dabs on there until I could find out how to do that properly without wrecking anything. My flat iron now has purply pink swirls on it (it used to be white) and I too, am spattered with the nasty polish! Yes, I did try to Magically Erase myself, but it didn't work very well (; Oh, one more place, the door - I can't seem to get it off there yet either.
The things we do to make ourselves purdy ladies! Honestly!
When my kids got up - they all said, it smells funny in here - like nail polish.

Sunday, July 25, 2010


YAY for Nate! He is my hero. He fixed my blog so that I have the Nav Bar now and that makes it easy to sign in for me now! Yipee! Stay tuned for more blog updates - there has been a lot happening here! Halladay Family reunion, Magrath Days, and more! I love summer!

Thursday, July 22, 2010


So, I love this new template, but I do not love that I cannot get into my blog without a huge amount of effort! I e-mailed the place where I got the template from: , but to no avail. Any smart, tech saavy peeps out there that could assist me? Otherwise, I am going to have to find another "look" for my blog. BTW, the problem is, I have no nav bar at the top, so I can't sign in. Maybe I am not so smart, and there IS an easy way around this, but I haven't found it! Please HELP!

Monday, July 12, 2010

Best Buddies

Look at these two smart dudes! These boys have been the best of friends since forever. There are many days spent hanging out at either Jaren or Jaxon's - many times where the priviledge of having a sleep over is just assumed (right Meg). They do spend a lot of time together, but we are so glad that they do. Glad that they have a good friend in each other and glad that they embrace each other's differences. Hooray for best buds!

Friday, July 9, 2010

Halladay Hullabaloo

Halladay Hullabaloo

So, I love my new background! What do you think? Only thing is, I can't find where to sign in now!!! I wonder if I deleted something when I changed the template. I signed to do this post by right clicking and as I am typing, this post looks weird to me. Well, I guess I will post it and see. Oh, BTW, it is finally summer here in the sunniest city in Canada. Hooray for that! 31 c today! Yipee! Too bad I am at work - and blogging! HA!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Finally Jaren's Karate Tournament

Carter's Recital

Awards Day at School

The Grades 4-6 Awards Assembly was a great time for the Halladays! In this pic, Jaren is seen posing with the Phys Ed Award. Jaren loves Phys Ed, which is funny because he isn't a big fan of most team sports! Oh well, he obviously has a great attitude! Yay for you Jaren! And, here is Jaren getting an award for Honors in Math, Science, Social and Language! WOOT WOOT! You rock Jaren!

Posing with the Principal, Mr George.

Mr Kayden J Halladay himself, getting an Honors award for Math and Science! YAY for Kayden!!!! (there were more pics, but Kayden was not looking his best, so I didn't include them) We love yah bud!
I am so proud of my boys! They are all so smart! Yay for the Halladays!

Grade Six Farewell

Grade Six. I can hardly believe that this was Kayden's last year in elementary school. What a great year this has been. Kayden had an awesome teacher - Mrs Nielson, who we all love. He was able to do tons of fun things and go on outdoor ed, a three day Edmonton trip, and lots of leadership training (inlcuding speaking in front of Sean Covey). Kayden receiving his diploma from Mrs Nielson.
Ahh...we love Mrs Nielson!

Kayden's grade six class of 2010!
Kayden and his friend Jacob!

Yep, my hands are clean!

Some one told me recently that Tyler couldn't stand having dirty hands or a dirty face. Man, they do not know Tyler at all! This is how we spend most days - dirty and full of fun. See, look how fun it is to let our dog clean our hands!
So much for not liking to be dirty!

Another year of Soccer

All four of the boys starting playing soccer when they were quite young. Jaren, Carter and Tyler all started when they were three, but Kayden didn't start until he was 6. As it stands, Kayden and Tyler are the only two left playing. Team sports aren't really for Jaren and Carter just doesn't like soccer. Kayden, on the other hand is up for anything! He is such a good sport about playing sports! He really likes every sport that he tries - hooray for that. He has his Dad's athletic ability (thank goodness for that) which is so nice. This year was a great year for soccer. Kayden had an awesome coach who really COACHED! I know - amazing, right? The coach would pull the boys aside even while they were on the field, so they would remember what they had done right or wrong. He was so great and so great with Kayden. We were really lucky to have him!
Kaydne in action! You go studly!

Kindergarten Graduation

I can hardly believe it! Our littlest dude is now graduated from kindergarten! Grade One here we come! This is the wall with all of the self portraits. We're not sure why Tyler looks like he has horns coming out of the bottom of his head. He told me they were his shoulders!!
Tyler and his lovely flower hat. The kids sang summery songs and some kids got to be flowers, others were wind, sun, etc. Good times.

Tyler - always the ham - getting his "diploma."

And, listening to his teacher say tons of wonderful (okay, that may be an exaggeration) things about him! Don't get me wrong, she did have nice things to say about him, but this year was a tough year for Tyler. He really had to try hard to keep his hands to himself and focus on the task at hand. This is one smart little dude - we just need to keep him on task! We love our Tyler and the laughter and joy he brings to our lives! Here we come grade ONE!

the many disguises of Jaren

Funny thing about my boys - they LOVE to dress up. Jaren is often coming up with interesting combinations, but he is not the only one. Tyler and Carter have a huge dress up box in their room that is used on a regular basis. They love to dress up and play imaginary type "made up ...." games. That is, made up Harry Potter or made up mythical creatures game. It is very interesting and entertaining to listen to.

In this pic, Jaren is sporting the Father's Day bow tie that he made for his dad and his magician's hat (thanks to Auntie Jodi and Uncle David for that). Keep on imagining!