Thursday, January 26, 2012

ANGRY birds party!

For Carter's Birthday this year, we decided on an Angry Birds theme.  While this party was fairly inexpensive to put on, it was a lot of work (but a lot of fun too).
Here we have Carter standing in front of the decorations.  I made this banner from red, yellow, green and blue paper and then downloaded the "Angry Birds font" (aka Feast of Flesh) for the lettering.  I was pretty happy with the way it turned out.  The last banner is just a couple of birds and pigs that I downloaded off the internet.
SO, now for the real fun.  These balls were just purchased at the dollar store and then painted up to look like Angry Birds.  After a while the paint wore off, because the balls were soft, like nerf balls.  Had I been able to find something different, I would have used them.  I found the face patterns here.  These balls, I mean birds, were used to launch at the lovely pig-protecting structures that big bro Kayden built (and re-built) below.

 Here is a picture of Carter launching a yellow bird with our homemade sling shot (surgical tubing - the lady at the home health store didn't know what Angry Birds were and I think she thought I was a little "crazy.")
 Next came pig bowling - not as much fun as the bird launching.  Oh, I didn't even mention how much fun that was!!  The kids had a blast launching and re-launching those birds.  Just like the real game - only more physical!
Our last activity was painting.  I found some rocks and paint at Michaels, then let the kids loose.  I think they did an awesome job!!

Last, but not least, was the food! 
Pulverized pigs - an idea I found off the net - vanilla yogurt with green food colouring.  Next is bird food (aka almonds, blueberries and apples).
Of course, no party is complete without some sort of cake.  Enter pig cupcakes.  Super easy to make, with marshmallow eyes, jelly bean accents and black icing gel. 

Party favors were mini eggs in bags and key chains made from bottle caps and angry birds clip art.
I think the kids all ended up having a really good time.  Carter said he thought that his party was GREAT!  That's all that matters to me!!!

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Happy (belated) Birthday CARTER!!!

I can't believe that it has been 10 years since I have held this beautiful baby in my arns!  Double digits Carter!  Carter was a sweet little baby, charming his way into our family from the minute we laid eyes on him.As you can see, throught these few pictures, he has grown and changed so much - sharing all of his strenghts and talents with us.  Carter loves music, being outside, birds, baking and his brothers.  We are so blessed to have him as part of our family.  Happy Birthday Buddy!