Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Football Season has arrived!!!

With football season in full swing - we are keeping super busy.  Both Kayden (#4) and Jaren (#72) are playing this year.  The team is grades 7-9, so Kayden is on the Senior end of things, and Jaren is a newbie!

This picture was maybe not the best because that catch that the brown team member caught was meant for Kayden.  They have a brand new quarter back, so they are working out some things.  Oh well, it is what it is!!  He (Kayden) has been having a pretty good season - he already has three touch downs and has had some pretty great plays.  So far, the newbie has only played a couple of minutes (more than some others though, so he is happy).  Jaren does get to start tomorrow night at the away game in Brooks though!  Hooray! And, so far, the weather has been really  nice for us fans.  Fingers crossed it stays that way!!!

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

First Day of School

First day of school.  Four kids, three different schools. All the boys were (surprisingly) excited to go back to school.  I guess the first day of high school and the first day of junior high school (middle school) are something to be excited about!!
 Kayden is taking his scooter for the time being.  He has early morning seminary, so he is out the door early and then football practice every day.  Kayden is now the little fish in the big pond again.  High school - scary!!!

Jaren was super pumped about grade 7.  He tells me everyday how much better it is than elementary (and he has to leave a whole hour earlier than last year, and he still likes it).  He just got contacts so he can see when he plays football.  He plays on the same team as Kayden.  Apparently, Jaren grew a ton over the summer too.  Yikes - my kids are growing up too fast!!!

Carter was also happy to go back to school.  Can you tell?  Poor guy - he just got a new appliance/retainer two days prior and it was awkward for him to smile.  It was either this pic or one where he looked mad.  I chose this one.  Carter was happy to get back to school to see his friends.

Tyler, my soldier, standing at attention and ready to go.  He too, was ready to get back to see his friends.  All the boys were up super early and listened so well the first day.  I wish they were that enthusiastic every day!
As a celebration of back to school/end of summer a bunch of families got together at a local park and had a bbq/fire.  It was super fun to see so many people and celebrate the last bit of summer!!

Green belt

This post is LONG overdue!  As you can see, Jaren has earned his green belt!  Hooray!  This was back at the very beginning of June.  He worked really hard to get it!  Thank you Sensei Gord (and Sensei Dean)!