Tuesday, May 19, 2009

May Long

Ah.....May Long. That is all I have ever called it - like saying May long weekend is too much for me (well, maybe as a teenager it was)! Anyway, for this glorious weekend, we ventured out on our maiden CAMPING voyage!

We heard that the place we were going received several inches of snow, but that didn't deter US! So, late Friday afternoon, after spending pretty much the whole day getting ready, we headed out. When we got closer, we were able to see that there was some random patches of snow, but nothing serious. At the park, it was very similar - a couple of piles in the shadows. BUT, the SUN was out and it wasn't freezing and that was all that mattered! We set up camp and made supper - which took FOREVER! I think we ended up eating at 8pm! Of course, we couldn't go to bed right after supper - our friends had arrived (oh yah, of course we went with our buddies, the Mays). I think the kids might have been asleep by 11pm - oops!

Saturday was a fabulous day. Lots of biking, walking, mini golfing and even some YUMMY ice cream! I love ice cream and if there is ice cream some where - I am definitely the first in line!

Saturday night, the raosting of marshmallows was on and it seems that I became quite proficient at it! Yep, all my little dudes wanted a mallow roasted by yours truly!

Sunday, we headed back in to town to go to church (and get CLEAN too - in more ways than one). Then, we invited grama, grampa and some other friends to come and spend the evening with us. It was a lot of fun! It's too bad that it was so windy though! We ate outside and I think our supper was cold within the first minute or so!

Monday morning we awoke to a HUGE amount of fog! The boys thought it was pretty neat. I thought it was SUPER COLD! We had a yummy breakfast (INDOORS) and then packed up and went home.

We love love love camping and hope to go many more times this year.

On another note, there has been a new development on the job front - details to follow!

Friday, May 1, 2009

Still Nothing

So, I am ususally all about the posting of pics on my blog, but this time, it's just words. Lindsey has been out of work for two months now and things are starting to get a little tight around here. We aren't starving yet, but it may happen soon (just kidding Val). Anyway, I watched Dr Phil the other day (no, I don't normally watch it, but it was on Making Money) and they sugested that one of the MOST important things to do when you are looking for a job is to network. That is, tell absolutely everyone you know that you are looking - so here goes. Lindsey is looking for a job. He is journeyman electrician, but also seems to be a jack of all trades. At first, we didn't want to move (well, we still don't, but you do what you have to), but we just can't find a job here in MH. I am thinking about working more too. Right now I only work two mornings a week whileTyler is in school, but he will be going to school full time in the fall. Anyway, I took envi science in school, but also have a ton of experience working with kids (had a day home, worked with kids in primary, volunteered at the school). So, if anyone hears of anything, let us know, PLEASE. Thanks so much for being such great friends/family!