Thursday, June 12, 2008

No time for this

Hello everyone!

I so enjoy reading everyone's blogs, and thought that maybe I could somehow reciprocate! I think it will be slow going at first (I have a lot on my plate right now), but once mid July rolls around, I should be good (ha ha, aren't we all always too busy).

We are just winding down soccer season and thoroughly soggy from all the rain we have been having. We have had game after game cancelled because of the rain, and it's getting a little depressing! Sorry mom, but I couldn't handle living on the island if this is what' it's like! I need my sun! The boys have enjoyed playing soccer this year. Jaren and Carter finally seemed to "get it" this year and that has made all the difference! Kayden is in the U12 league and they take soccer a lot more seriously! They play through wind, rain and all that nasty stuff. He has improven quite a bit, and has some really talented kids on his team. Tyler 's soccer is a whole other story! It is the most amusing to watch! A bunch of 3/4 yr olds tearing around the field, stopping to pick flowers or hold hands with a friend. The joys of preschoolers!

Ahh, now the parents. Lindsey and I are trying to decide what to do with our lives job wise. He hasn't been working since March (because of all that rain that I mentioned) and we knew that he didn't want to do oil field forever anyway. A business opportunity has come up and we are trying to decide whether or not to take it. Lots of prayer has been happening, but we are still not decided. I'm sure we will decide something soon enough! The stack of $$ is dwindling fast!