Friday, December 31, 2010

So MUCH to post!

Okay, I know - big time slacker!  I have been so busy with Christmas this year - busier than I ever remember - and I have not MADE the time to blog.  And, there are so many things to blog about.  Since my last post, we have had three boys birthdays (yes, I included my biggest "boy" in there too), two Christmas concerts, basketball games, several Christmas parties, CHRISTMAS with family, the addition of two very small new furry friends, and a lot of good times with friends.  I am hoping that I can get around to loading up some pictures and getting in to some serious blogging, but until then, you will have to be satisfied with knowing that the Halladays are still around, still crazy as ever and most importantly, still extremely blessed to be here on earth - men are that they might have joy (2 Ne 2:25)!

HAPPY NEW YEAR everyoneAll the best in 2011!