Saturday, April 18, 2009

The New Tub

So, here it is! Our new tub (in our new bathroom, which isn't quite done yet - sorry Mom)! You can't see much of it, from the pics, but let me tell you, I love it! It is so beautiful - as far as tubs go! We all jumped in together (with clothes on, of course) just to show the boys how big it really is! The pics are of Tyler, Carter and Lindsey, trying it out for the first time!
I love that tile. It is on the floor too. Above the 12 x 12 tile (seen here) is 1 x1 tile of the same pattern!

The Hunt

This year we stayed in MH for Easter and it seems that here, the Easter Bunny likes to hide the eggs outside! What a treat! The boys loved looking for the eggs outside at Grama's house. Carter even found chocolate milk. What a great thing for the EB to leave for us. A yummy breakfast treat!

Kayden forgot to bring his hoodie out to Grama's house, so he sported her coat instead. He totally hammed it up for the camera!

The loot - all gathered and divided up!

Tyler playing with his new bubbles that he got for Easter. They worked SO well and the windy day helped too!

OOPS! Shirtless Kayden trying out some bubbles!

After the treat gathering was done and breakfast nearly ready, I tried to coax Tyler inside. I reminded him that it was Sunday and that we had to get ready for church. He was not at all impressed with that - so we had a little conversation about the real meaning of Easter. I reminded him that Easter is not just about the bunnies, the eggs and the candies. It is about our Saviour, Jesus Christ and without Him, we would have no reason to celebrate. He is the reason that we are here, and through him, we can be made perfect. I am so grateful for my Saviour and for all that he has done for me. I know that he lives and I am grateful to be able to teach my children about His life, His death and His mission. I am so grateful that He made it possible for us to have an Eternal Family.

Egg rolling

We have never egg rolled in the past, but tons of friends and family have, so we thought we would try it! Well, let's just say it was a bust! Maybe we didn't have the technique down, because, after all, it was our first attempt, but most of the time, the eggs didn't go very far. And, when they did, the neighbours dog ATE them!

The offending dog, seen here with Carter!

Carter's reaction to that stinkin dog eating one of his PRECIOUS eggs. Remember how LONG it took him to decorate those eggs!?!


It was such a beautiful day - the Saturday before Easter - so we decided to get the quad out for its first run of the year! We joined ranks with our fav buddies and loaded up the quads and the 50 and we were off!

We have such a nice (past) bishop who lets us use his land to zoom around on. The boys (and the dogs) love it out there! The only downfall was the drowsy wasps that kept hanging around our snacks! First up, is Carter. He is getting a lot more confident on the quad. He loves riding by himself! Tyler is pretty far away from that goal. He is C-R-A-Z-Y! And I DO mean that! Kayden love love loves riding the quad! He is QUITE confident - maybe a little too confident!

Kayden on the 50. He just wanted to ride it over and over!

Jaren and Jax - the dueling quad bros!

Ride cool dude, ride!

Decorating our eggs

Daddio and his ever crazy faces decorating eggs on Easter Friday. I think he was "allowed" to deocrate one! Kayden was done after about 7 or so, Jaren wanted me to finish his and Carter just took sooooo long to decide how to best decorate each egg. Lindsey later asked me who the decorating was for, me, or the kids!! Well, let me tell you, TYLER had an absolute blast. He loves decorating the eggs and he couldn't get enough of it! Jaren, his green fingers and one of his fabulous creations!

Carter - hard at work!
One of Carter's fabulous creations!

Kayden's brood of eggs! Very pastel!

KAYDEN working hard!

Tyler looks so serious about HIS eggs!

Happy Birthday TYLER!

I can hardly believe that my BABY is FIVE! It seems like just yesterday Lindsey and I were driving to the hospital and trying to come up with a name for this latest addition to our family!

Tyler was most appropriately born on April Fools Day as he is the comic relief in our family! He adds so many smiles and so much laughter to my life - I am truly blessed to be called his mom!

This year, Tyler decided to have a dino themed party. Not a surprise to many as he is rather obsessed with dinosaurs (just like Kayden was when he was little). So, having had a previous child who loved dinos for many years, I felt like I had exhausted all the dino shape cakes that I had come across. Then, I came across this one in my Family Fun magazine. I absolutely LOVE Family Fun (if you have never been to their website, check it out at It was so easy to make a big hit with the kids!

Tasty cake and ice cream!

The whole gang!
OOPS! I almost forgot to say what we did for the party! When the kids arrived I had a bin full of dino stuff for them to play with (not hard to come up with at our house). Then, we came to the table for a craft - craft foam dino masks. I had all the pieces pre-cut and they just had to glue stuff on and put on a string and voila! Next, it was outside for a dino dig! By far, the HIT of the party! I had Jaren help me bury dino bones (wooden ones that I bought at Michaels) and some mini dinos that I bought at the $ store. Each child had their own shovel and paint brush to clean off the things that they found. They also had a good sized plastic egg to put their "treasures" in. After cleaning up from that, we had our cake and presents and then finished the party off by having a dino egg pinata! Instead of hitting it, we kicked it around like a soccer ball! It was a lot of fun and a lot less scary (I am always afraid someone is going to get hit with the broom handle when we do it the traditional way). All, in all it was a great party! In fact, Carter said it was the best party he has ever been too! Hooray for MOM!

April FOOLS! After years of playing tricks on them, my boys have come to love April Fool's day. I will admit though, it is getting harder and harder to trick them! This year, for breakfast, we had angel food "toast." That is, I made angel food cake in a loaf pan, toasted it lightly in the toaster oven and then put Grama's strawberry jam on it. I don't think anyone was fooled by this one, but they still thought it was fun!

April 1st is also Tyler's birthday, so in the spirit of trickery, Lindsey decided to give Tyler a "trick" b-day gift. For all of you that know Tyler, he is very ANTI girl (even though one of his best friends is a girl). So, with my help, Daddio presented Tyler with his first birthday present of the year. As you can see by his face, he was less than impressed. I love his little scowl! Ah, now here is a much more suitable gift. A pirate ship pool! He can hardly wait for summer now!

Tyler opening his card from Wes. He loved it! And he loved the dino book too! Thanks Auntie Steph, Uncle Naif and Wes!

Kayden's 3 on 3 basketball tournament

A couple of weeks ago Kayden was in a 3 on 3 b-ball tourney at the college. The kids ranged in age from grade 5 to grade 12, with teams made up in each grade. Kayden and a three other boys (so they had a sub) made up the Red Hawks. Two of the other boys played with Kayden in the MY Basketball leauge, which I think really helped them. They played very well as a team and really worked hard.

They played 3 games Friday and won 2/3 of the games and then 3 more games on Saturday, which they ended up winning 3 for 3! The boys were SO excited to do so well. They took first place in their age group and I think they all have plans for entering in this annual tourney next year!

With their "mascot" as Kayden called him (poor Carter)!

Wow, do I NEED to catch up!

Well, it has been a VERY long time since I have Blogged! Yikes! WE have been keeping busier than usual, or so it seems. Here is the news thus far: Lindsey got laid off at the beginning of March and hasn't found anything yet. There seem to be a lot of jobs - just not around here. We really DO NOT want to move. We love it here, the kids love it here - we only live one block away from school. Does it get any better than that???

Since we have "free" time, we have been developing our basement. We have had a great deal of the materials sitting around just waiting to be used, and never the time. Well, now we have some time. So, we have been cutting and sawing and drywalling and mudding and sanding and YECH! It is such mess, but I will be so glad to have all that extra living space. The bathroom is all that I hoped for! Our friend who has his own tile company did the tiling - yay for Porter's Mortar! It looks fabulous! And, did I mention that the floor tile is heated? LOVE it! The tub is one of those really big jet ones and the boys (and I mean ALL of the boys) are in love with it! I haven't tried it yet, but will post some (clean) pics of the first use of our new tub! The bathroom is not painted yet and still needs the toilet and sink installed, but it is sure a change from a big hole in the concrete floor!

Now, on to the pictures. These are some pics that I took of the Leprechaun hotels that Jaren and Carter made. Instead of the usual trapping of Leprechauns, they decided to take a different approach. They "asked" via a sign, for the Leprechaun to pay them $2 to stay in their hotel on March 17. Jaren also commented on how cool it would be if they left something there, like their hat. Well, wouldn't you know it, those little guys did leave their hats and instead of being the stinky little misers that they are know to be, they left $2 EACH for their stay at their respective hotels!