Monday, July 28, 2008

Wow! I can't believe that summer is half over! It has really flown by! For the last couple of weeks we have been keeping busy with swimming lessons and doctors appointments. Poor Jaren has (had) 9 warts on his right hand and has had to go and get them "frozen." He has been a real trooper, sometimes getting 3 done at once. We always had a treat after each appointment, so he would have something to look forward too. The people at Swirls, our local ice cream place, probably know our orders off by heart as that was most often our treat! As for the swimming lessons, Kayden has now completed level 6 - go Kayden! The rest of the boys start their lessons this week.

This past weekend we gathered up the family, minus the dogs and travelled to Magrath for the town celebration. It was great fun! Almost all of Lindsey's cousins and their children were there too. We were so excited to see so many people that we rarely get to see. In fact, on the way to Magrath, I was saying that it was too bad that (Lindsey's cousin) Melanie and her boys couldn't make it, but when we got there - surprise - they had a change of plans and were able to come! The boys had so many cousins to play with and were kept very busy with swimming at Aunt Michelle and Uncle Bob's, watching the family softball team and of course, going to the parade!

The softball games were certainly not uneventful this year - Lindsey got a couple of home runs, and his cousin Brittany got hit in the face with a ball and had to get stitches (ouch)!

The parade as always was fun to watch - well, it's actually more fun to watch the kids anxiously await the candy that is being tossed out onto the street. Tyler was so excited that a guy dressed as a Storm Trooper came over and gave him a little Darth Vader helmet with candy inside.

The fireworks on Saturday night were a blast - especially since all the cousins themselves were lit up with various glow bracelets and necklaces! And Sunday after church we were able to stay for Brock's birthday party. Tyler could hardly wait to give him his present! It was so cute, because at church he told Brock, "I GOT YOU A PRESENT!" Then in a meek little voice, "but i can't tell you what it is..."

Here are our little X-Men (with little Madalynne - the cutest little girl) from the party! We had a great time with family in Magrath - now it is home for a few days and off camping for the long weekend!

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Okay, more pics of the zoo. There's Jaren and his monkey see, monkey do pic; Kayden at the petting zoo with a donkey; Carter and Tyler hatching out of a gi-normous egg and a few animal pics. Sometimes I feel like my house is a zoo, so we fit right in!

So, after we came home from Manitoba, it was time for me to send the kids to gramma Val's. And then, it was off to Moroni's Quest for me!

What a great weekend that was! It encompasses our whole stake, with the youth ages 14-18 divided into about 20 tribes. I had the privilege of being a tribe leader and although it was a lot of work, it was totally worth it. For the whole weekend, we watch re-enactments from the book of Mormon and then have discussions about them. I love to see how strong the youth are. They are such good examples to me (and my future teenagers). It is a wonderful experience and I would do it again in a heartbeat!

For now, we are concentrating on pools and summer fun around here. When I get some summer pics, I will post them! I hope everyone is enjoying their summer!

Well, here we are almost the middle of July! I can't believe it! I must be wanting the summer to last forever because for about 3 or 4 days I kept thinking it was the 10th. I think Lindsey thought I was a little crazy (wow, he has finally figured that out). So, here is what we have been up to. At the end of June we made an unexpected trip to Manitoba for my uncle's funeral. It was hard to say goodbye, but good to see all the Turners that I rarely get to see. After the funeral in Brandon, I took the boys to Winnipeg to hang out with my sister, Jodi. We went to the zoo, the museum, the science centre and a couple of really cool toys stores. By the end, I think Auntie Jodi was really tired (of us)!! Just joking sis, I know you love me!

So, here are some pics of the zoo. First, we have "Hedwig" for all you HP readers.

Next, we have Tyler and Auntie Jodi reading the "zoo map." Carter and Tyler were completely obsessed with the maps. It was so cute.