Friday, October 12, 2012

Lately, I have been concentrating a lot more on fitness.  My goal really isn't to "be skinny," but more to be healthy, like my body AND feel good about myself.  It started at the beginning of August with regular dog walking, then in September I decided to step it up a notch.  I have been faithfully exercising (30 minutes of cardio and 15 minutes of strength training 6 days/week) for about 6 weeks now.  I am so happy that I can see results and I feel really good!!! (sometimes I feel old and creaky, but let's face it, I am not getting any younger).  I also started to watch what I eat.  I haven't cut out "treats" entirely, but only have one or two days where I eat a few yummy treats.  I still don't go overboard though, and I really think it is making a difference.  So, remember, make a goal.  Stick to it.  You will see results!!!

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Melanie Anne said...

I love how your goals are so do=able and not crazy over the top! I have been feeling the same way lately but havent really set my goals yet--I will now:)You are very inspiring Ms Mindy:) xoxo